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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Otto Service work on any other kinds of vehicles other than Honda and Acura?

For 40 years we specifically only worked on Honda and Acura automobiles. We are excited to announce though we recently have decided to expand our trade and service Toyota and Lexus automobiles as well. We take pride in being your dealership alternative, having served Kansas City and the surrounding areas since 1977.

Why does my car need maintenance if it is running fine?

Routine maintenance protects your investment, helps to prevent breakdowns, and could help prevent costly repairs in the future.

Does Otto Service perform body work on any automobiles?

We do not perform body work at Otto Service. We do know, however, you work incredibly hard for the investment of your vehicle so we want to help you always make sure it looks it’s best. Please call us for recommendations on who to use personally for body work, as well as windshield replacements. We are happy to be of service to you!

Does Otto Service have After Hour Services available for their customers?

At Otto Service of Kansas City  we know not everyone is able to drop off their vehicle during our normal business hours. For this reason we do have After Hour Services available for our customers. Our convenient Drop Box is equipped with service envelopes that allow customers to tell us all the information we need for the vehicle. Once that is complete, customers place their key in the envelope and then place the envelope in a secure slot in our door. **Customers Please Note: Please remember to sign the service envelope so that we have permission to work on your vehicle. Vehicles will be serviced the next working day if dropped off in the evening or on the weekend.

Is Otto Service open on the weekends?

Otto Service is closed on Saturday and Sunday. We are a family owned and operated business and know how important family is. For this reason, we strive to make it a point to allow our employees to not have to work nights and weekends. We open early Monday through Friday at 7:30 for our customer’s convenience. We close at 5:30, Monday through Thursday, and at 5:00 on Fridays.

Does Otto Service provide loaner vehicles for their customers?

At Otto Service, we do have three loaner vehicles available for our customers convenience. Loaner vehicles are given out at a first-come-first-serve basis. We charge a small fee ($10 a day), to help cover vehicle maintenance, insurance, and repairs. All customers who use a loaner vehicle must have full coverage insurance. All of our loaner vehicles leave our business with a full tank of gas, so we ask that when customers return to pick up their vehicle that they fill up the loaner vehicle with gas and bring the receipt with them. This allows the next customer to experience the same privileges as they did.

Do you need an appointment to have your car serviced at Otto Service?

We do recommend that you make an appointment when it comes to servicing your vehicle at Otto Service. Most of the time we can get you in the next business day, but just to ensure we can it is best to make an appointment. For oil changes, our first appointment of the day is at 8:00 am until 10:00 am, and then again from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (in hour increments). We take no appointments between the hours of 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm, so that our Technicians can enjoy a lunch break. For other services, please call so that we can schedule accordingly.

Does Otto Service perform recalls for Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Lexus vehicles?

Otto Service does not perform any recalls that your Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Lexus you may need. You will need to go to the actual dealership for any recall to be corrected.

Is there someone your business recommends for towing?

Yes, we recommend Jim’s Tow Service for all of your towing needs. They can be contacted at 816-524-8299. If your vehicle is being towed into Otto Service, please make sure you include a letter that authorizes us to work on your vehicle. Please make sure you include the type of vehicle you are having towed, as well as the issue, and your signature. If you forget to send the letter with your tow truck driver, you can email us an authorization letter at: [email protected].

Does your business provide complimentary Wi-Fi for customer?

Yes, we provide complimentary Wi-Fi for our customers, as well as complimentary coffee while they wait.